Laurel Gray Robbins (she/they) is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker on the Leadership Team at Vermont Center for Resiliency: a trauma-informed outpatient practice in Burlington, Vermont. Laurel Gray graduated from the University of Vermont’s Transformative Social Worker program in 2015 and their Capstone Project was focused on the efficacy of utilizing Animal Assisted Therapy to Treat Trauma. Laurel Gray integrates Animal Assisted Interventions into their talk-therapy and somatic-embodiment (mind-body) healing practices with children, adolescents and adults.  She teams with three “canine co-therapists” who rotate at the office–and then get to play in the trails and explore Vermont nature with Laurel Gray, her wife and toddler after work.

Laurel Gray is a Queer/Genderfluid Human and practitioner who is passionate about Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in the world and in the HAI field. They are honored to have the opportunity to serve on the IDEA Committee and to help grow the commitment to social justice frameworks within the HAI field and community.