Ethical Standards:
HAIB does not publish research that caused harm or distress to the animals or the humans involved. Authors are responsible for obtaining appropriate institutional approval for their research and clearly outlining any/all relevant animal and/or human welfare considerations implemented during the course of the study.

All manuscript submissions should conform to the 7th edition of the APA style manual. In addition, all submissions must include line numbers, beginning on the first page and continuing consecutively through the manuscript. All submissions must be in Word and include one version that includes a full title page and one blinded (anonymous) version.

Submission Types:
Because this bulletin publishes a wide variety of research methodologies and each of those methodologies have differing review criteria it is important for authors to clearly indicate their manuscript submission type. Each type is linked to a description below:

Empirical Investigations
Manuscripts of this nature present fundamental empirical research involving the clear manipulation of one or more independent variables and the measurement of one or more dependent variables. Tight controls are implemented and random assignment of conditions is utilized. Both small and large sample size investigations are welcome, but authors must present a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of their approach as well as issues related to effect size and generalizability of their findings. (Manuscripts of this type should not exceed 8,000 words.)

Descriptive Investigations
Within this broad heading are several subtypes of research strategies including survey research, qualitative research, and single-subject or case study reports. Authors are responsible for clearly delineating their methodology, discussing strengths and weaknesses of their approach, discussing potential explanations for their findings with a mind to research limitations, and making suggestions for future investigation. (Manuscripts of this type should not exceed 8,000 words.)

Review Articles
A review article focuses on an area of research within the broadly defined field of Human-Animal Interaction. Both historical and recent research findings are reported and the author provides an organization to the material that presents a defined theory or theories, the development of a theory, or clear direction for the advancement of research in that area. (Manuscripts of this type should not exceed 10,000 words.)

Book Reviews
Manuscripts of this nature present literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit.

NOTE: Word counts refer to text only and do not include tables, figures, and references.