From the Editor - Welcome to the first issue of Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin!

Lori Kogan, Ph.D.

Welcome to the first issue of Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin!

Human Animal Interaction: Research & Practice Section of Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) of the American Psychological Association is proud to announce this exciting new venue for the scientific study of human-animal interactions. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin (HAIB) is designed to offer researchers and practitioners an outlet for scholarly dialogue centered on the psychological aspects of human-animal interactions.

Psychology's robust history of utilizing scientific methods and evidence-based practices to explore the many ways in which humans interact naturally extends to the exploration of human-animal interactions.  HAIB offers cutting edge research on human-animal interactions from a variety of psychologically relevant perspectives including clinical, cognitive, developmental, comparative, evolutionary, social, counseling, and neurophysiological.

Given the growing societal focus on human-animal interactions, it is imperative that the field emphasize and support scientific rigor - the overarching mission of HAIB. The enrichment and enhancement that animals offer humans through their incredibly diverse roles is disputed by few. Many people experience firsthand the positive impact of animals as pets or within therapeutic environments. Others focus on attitudes and perceptions of animals in their variety of roles.   Increasingly, researchers are systematically exploring the extent to which these varied interactions are beneficial or harmful for both the human and the animal.  Although much is positive about human-animal interactions, we are also aware there is a darker side to human-animal interactions that is equally important to evaluate.

In short, animals interact with humans in a myriad of ways and the goal of this publication is to provide a forum for scientifically exploring these interactions from an interdisciplinary perspective. To this end, HAIB publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed, innovative, original research articles.  The Bulletin welcomes empirical and evidence-based methods (e.g., clinical, experimental and applied research), epidemiologic survey research, and qualitative and descriptive investigations.

It is our vision to make this resource accessible to everyone and free of cost. We currently do not charge to access our publication or to submit a manuscript. We understand the challenges that come with such an effort, yet it is our hope to maintain this level of accessibility as long as possible in our efforts to promote and encourage the participation and education of researchers and readers alike who are passionate about the scientific exploration of human animal interactions.

In conclusion: welcome! As we as we continue to evolve, we encourage feedback as we strive to best meet the needs of the dynamic expanding realm of psychologically related human-animal interaction research.

Lori Kogan, Ph.D.
Editor, Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin

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Posted in 2013, Volume 1, No. 1