Book Review:"The Practice of Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy: An innovative modality for facilitating mental wellness"

Matamonasa-Bennett, A.

Lynn J. Piper (2014) E Street Lane Publications LLC

This sixteen chapter book details the experiences of the author whose primary therapeutic practice incorporates dogs in a clinical setting with children, adolescents, adults, and families. It is an introductory book written in a relaxed and accessible style with a number of case examples and several chapters of vignettes that illustrate the main ideas presented within the work. The main title is a bit is leading in that the focus is exclusively on canine assisted therapies and there is no mention of other forms of animal assisted therapy (such as equine assisted therapy). The author does provide an overview of the field and a wealth of illustrations of the incorporation of canines into therapeutic settings.

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Keywords: book review, mental wellness, Psycotherapy
Posted in 2015, Volume 3, No. 2