Building the Science of Diverse Equine-assisted Services From the Ground Up

Wendy Wood

Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program, Duke University School of Medicine
Professor Emerita, Departments of Animal Sciences and Occupational Therapy, Colorado State University

The aim of this special issue of the Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin is to build the scientific bases of distinct types of equine-assisted services from the ground up. I also think of the issue’s aim as breaking new ground. To introduce the issue, I delve into what it means to say that different types of equine-assisted services are indeed distinct. I also identify compelling sources of their distinctiveness and address why their distinctiveness matters a great deal scientifically. In presenting these topics in some depth, I hope to orient readers to the exact nature of the ground-breaking nature of the special issue’s articles.

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Keywords: equine, theory
Posted in Volume 9, No. 3