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The Loss of a Service Dog Through Retirement: Experiences and Impact on Human Partners

Pages 39-53, Volume 11, No. 3

Jennifer Currin-McCulloch¹, Cori Bussolari², Wendy Packman3 , Lori Kogan4 , & Phyllis Erdman5

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Sustained Effects of Animal-Assisted Crisis Response on Stress in School Shooting Survivors

Pages 65-85, Volume 12, No. 2

Ariann E. Robino¹, David M. Feldman², Alyssa N. Stein², Melody A. Schmaltz², Hailey A. Fitzpatrick², Jaime L. Tartar², Frankie Pizzo², Marah Friedman², & Olivia Feldman³

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Animal Welfare Considerations in Animal-Assisted Interventions

Volume 10, No. 1: Pages No. 1, 99-105, Special Report

Amy Johnson1 and Emily Eccles2

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Effectiveness of Animal-assisted Interventions (AAIs) in Treatment of Adults with Depressive Symptoms: A Systematic Review

Pages 46-64, Volume 12, No. 2

Chris McFalls-Steger, David Patterson, and Phyllis Thompson

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Testing the Psychometric Properties of the Pet Attachment and Life Impact Scale (PALS) Among a Sample of Sexual and Gender Minority Emerging Adults

Pages 19-45; Volume 12, No. 2

Camie A. Tomlinson1; Angela Matijczak1;Sarah K. Pittman2; An Pham3; Shelby E. McDonald4

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Accuracy of Canine vs. Human Emotion Identification: Impact of Dog Ownership and Belief in Animal Mind

Pages 1-18, Volume 12, No. 2

Roxanne D. Hawkins, Bianca D.M. Hatin, & Eszter O. Revesz

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SPECIAL REPORT: Emotional Support Animals: Important Considerations for Mental Health Providers

Volume 9, No. 2: Pages 92 – 98

Betz King1, Amy Johnson2, and Leslie Stewart3

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Animal-assisted interventions in Canada: AAI as potential field guide in/to alterity relations

Pages 45-70, Vol. 12, No. 1

Cassandra Hanrahan1 & Amberlee Boulton2

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Behaving with Respect to Dogs: Children’s Mastered Dog-Safety Skills May Not Generalize Naturalistically

Pages 28-44, Vol. 12, No. 1

Rachelle L. Yankelevitz1, April Michele Williams2, Alexandra W. Knerr2, & Christina Sheppard2

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Humankind’s Best Friend vs. Humankind’s Best Food: Perceptions of Identifiable Dog vs. Pig Victims

Pages 15-27, Vol. 12, No. 1

Sarah Gradidge1, Annelie J. Harvey1, Daragh T. McDermott2 & Magdalena Zawisza1

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Cat-human related activities associated with human well-being

Pages 79-95, Volume 11, No. 2

Samantha J. Ravenscroft, Ana Maria Barcelos, & Daniel S. Mills

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Pets and a Pandemic: An Exploratory Mixed Method Analysis of How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Dogs, Cats, and Owners

Pages 65-78, Volume 11, No. 2

Courtney J. Bolstad1, Grayson E. Edwards1, Allison Gardner2, & Michael R. Nadorff1,3

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Predictors of Opting for Advanced Medical Care versus Euthanasia for Companion Animals with Severe Cardiac Disease

Pages 1-22, Volume 11, No. 3

Samantha Siess1, George A. Kramer2, Dar Ozer2, Nikki Gaudette2, Brienne Williams2, Brittany Antal2, Anne Moyer1

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Spanish Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Animal Attitude Scale and the Speciesism Scale

Pages 1-14, Volume 12, No. 1

Claudia Suárez-Yera, Jorge L. Ordóñez-Carrasco, María Sánchez-Castelló, and Antonio J. Rojas Tejada

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Testing the moderating role of victimization and microaggressions on the relationship between human-animal interaction and psychological adjustment among LGBTQ+ emerging adults

Pages 16-39, Volume 11, No. 2

Camie A. Tomlinson1, Jennifer L. Murphy1, Joanne M. Williams2, Roxanne D. Hawkins3, Angela Matijczak1, Jennifer W. Applebaum4, & Shelby E. McDonald5

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Grounded by Purrs and Petting: Experiences with Companion Cats during COVID-19

Pages 1-15, Volume 11, No. 2

Jennifer Currin-McCulloch1, Cori Bussolari2, Wendy Packman3, Lori Kogan4, Phyllis Erdman5

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