Molly Jenkins-800

Molly A. Jenkins, MSW, is an affiliated faculty member and adjunct professor with the Graduate School of Social Work’s Institute for Human-Animal Connection at the University of Denver. She previously served as Research Analyst & Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Specialist for American Humane Association, where she co-managed a multi-year study on the effects of animal-assisted intervention (AAI) for children diagnosed with cancer, their parents, and participating therapy dogs. In this role, Molly also contributed to child welfare, service dog, and humane education initiatives, and presented nationally on the link between animal cruelty and human violence. Along with Philip Tedeschi, she is the co-editor of Transforming trauma: Resilience and healing through our connections with animals (Purdue University Press, 2019) - the first book to focus on trauma-informed AAIs.

In addition to her work at the university, Molly is currently the Grants & Proposal Development Manager at Anchor Center for Blind Children, and serves on the Boards of Youth and Pet Survivors at Children’s Hospital Colorado and the American Psychological Association’s HAI Section. In 2019, she co-wrote the first documentation report of nature-based programming at Green Chimneys, and became the Associate Editor for the Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI) Journal. Molly’s background and primary research interests center on human-animal-environment relationships (or One Health); animal welfare, ethics, sentience, and behavior; social and ecological justice; nature-based interventions; and veterinary medicine. She is also a passionate writer and editor, and enjoys building awareness about our remarkable relationships with animals through the written word.

Molly received her MSW and Certificate in Animal-Assisted Social Work from the University of Denver, and a BA in Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. When not at work, she can often be found exploring the outdoors, collecting antique treasures, and seeking the affectionate counsel of her two cats, Elayne and Murray.