After initiating and working on a start-up aiming to provide online counseling services for a year (2018 – 2019), I realised my extensive partiality toward research. Toward that end, I am currently working as a Lecturer and a student counsellor at Iqra University Islamabad Campus, Pakistan. I am also actively working on two HAI-related studies, one investigating the impact of ethical ideologies on attitude toward animals in Pakistan and the other one investigating cross-cultural differences for human-pet relationships, beliefs in animal consciousness and animal surrendering in the US, Pakistan and Hong Kong. Being a member of excellent organizations such as ISAZ and APA-HAI has played a significant role in helping me come across and avail various opportunities for learning and growth.

With regard to my goals, in the short-term I am hoping to contribute toward advancing the field of HAI with the help of extensive research and international collaborations; in the long-run, I would like to establish and run my own Research Centre focusing on Animal-Assisted Interventions while enjoying collaborative work with researchers from around the globe. On a more personal note, I am a pet fanatic – housing three cats at the moment – and I enjoy a flexible mix of travel, books, spontaneity, and coffee.